Thrissur district is known as cultural capital of Kerala which was formed on July 1, 1949. Headquarters of Thrissur district is located at Thrissur City. Thrissur district is also known as the land of Poorams. This district is also famous for the churches, mosques, and the temples. There are a lot of other places to visit in Thrissur. The places in Thrissur  like Guruvayoor, Chavakkad, Kunnamkulam etc are very known for the temples and markets which people used to go daily.

Eazylink Academy is one of fast growing abroad education consultants in Thrissur. Students choose our academy trainings and courses for the following reasons :
· We provide a lot of students and people to study abroad for experiencing and exploring the living     and learning styles of abroad.
· We help Students to learn their PGs, Graduations and Diploma courses from abroad schools and       colleges.
·  Our academy creates a lot of opportunities for the students who are willing to learn abroad.
·  We help the students who are looking to settle their life abroad
·  Our academy help the students to improve their communication skills and language knowledge
·  Students can experience different learning style from our academy classes.
· We help the students to find their part times work on abroad countries.
·  Our academy makes sure about the document processing is going right or not.

Why students choose abroad?
Studying abroad is one of top opportunities for the students who are interested to explore the world and learn their culture and lifestyles
Here are the top 10 reasons why the students choose the abroad studies and they are following:
§  Students can explore the wonders, cities, museums, etc… in different country. They can see the         beauty of world.
§  You can experience the different ways and styles of the education.
§  Students can experience the new culture and tradition from different country.
§  Students can improve their communication skill by interfering with foreign students and people.
§  Students can have a lot of career opportunities for developing their career. They have more               options to get placed after finishing their studies.
§  There are a lot of options for the students to choose their interests. Different countries provide           different activities like hiking, skiing, water sports, golf etc…
§  You can create lifelong friends and relationships with different people from different country.
§  Students can develop their personal skills like punctuality, responsibility, basic awareness,                 discipline, etc…
§  Students can get best education from top universities in the world.
§  Students can have a new and fresh life experience when they return home after their studies.


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