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Netherlands / Dutch Universities offers largest number of English programmes in continental Europe. 95% English speaking country . #Internationalstudy.

Switzerland offers quality education. Scholarship opportunities for international students. Low tuition fees as universities are mainly publicly funded. #Internationalstudy, #StudyinSwitzerland.
France hoists around 250,000 international students every year. France offers an excellent quality of education, lectures and research opportunities. #Internationalmovers, #StudyinFrance.

One of the most international and multicultural nations in the world. A wide range of universities offering varied programs in all the streams of education.
#Internationalstudy, #StudyinUK
United States has the finest university systems with outstanding programs in virtually all fields. One of the most successful and expensive higher education systems in the world. #InternationalStudy, #StudyinUSA
TOFEL / IELTS is not required.  Visa is comparatively easier. Standard and Quality is excellent. #Internationalstudy, #StudyinGeorgia.